What Makes a Car Worth $1,000,000? in Gilbertsville, PA

What Makes a Car Worth $1,000,000?

Tianna Mick's Blog | What Makes a Car Worth $1,000,000?

For most financially minded car shoppers, it's agonizing to decide whether a sunroof is worth paying an extra $3 a month or not. So imagine what it’s like to shop for a car that’s literally worth millions of dollars!

Yes, it’s true: there are cars out in the world worth over a million dollars each. In fact, 25 different million-dollar cars were made in 2018 alone! While the vast majority of us will never see a car this expensive in the wild - let alone own one - it does beg the question: how exactly can a car be this expensive?


There’s a lot of reasons, actually.

First things first: these vehicles have parts under their hoods that are absolutely excessive. We’re not just talking about getting up to 60 MPH after making a full stop here. We’re talking engines so strong that they can crack 220 MPH without breaking a sweat. Now, do any of these car owners actually drive that fast? Well, maybe once in a blue moon on a private track, but otherwise no. Car specs like these are primarily included for bragging rights.

The second thing to consider is all the gimmicky features these cars have. For example, did you know that there’s a car out there that can be driven underwater like a submarine? Or how about a car with headlights covered in diamonds? Vehicles like these have often been called toys for billionaires, so these features are included for fun over any other reason. After all, why would you drive your car underwater unless you were James Bond?

And as you may have guessed, these vehicles are expensive because of their extreme rarity. There aren’t that many billionaires buying extravagantly luxurious cars, so car companies will usually make about 8 of any vehicle at most. In fact, some vehicles are so expensive because they are custom designed for the person buying them. If these cars were somehow brought to the mass market (with as many people buying them), we could theoretically see the price actually come down. Scarcity sells!

As fun as the world’s most expensive cars are, they do highlight how much value you’re getting in a modern economy vehicle. Million-dollar cars aren’t expensive because they get great gas mileage or they’re safer than average cars. Rather, they have most of the same features regular cars have, just with souped-up engines and headlights covered in diamonds.

If you’re considering getting a new or used vehicle yourself, give me a call or send me a message. You might not get the world’s most expensive car, but I’ll make sure you drive off the lot feeling like a million bucks.

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me help you find the perfect vehicle. Contact me if you have questions.


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